● Focus on core ideas for the economy as a whole including locally and specified country

● Improving quality of member in education provided in economics

● Improving research and analysis of such issues

● Maintaining professional ethics and standard

    HK Institute of Chartered Economists (HKICE) is the global institute of Economics. 

The program focuses on economic thinking and analysis skills for business decision making.
HKICE program is studied from a recognized University of different professional subjects especially in Finance and Management and some program organized by the Institute of Chartered Management Asia. 
Our program combines expertise, academic and business professionals.

● To connect with the Institute for persons and organizations concerned with and interested in Economics

● To provide training in Economics in different business filed

● To create a flexible teaching and learning

● To analysis the existing problem area from research issue of our time

● To collect thesis and highlight the latest problem from graduate, Economics Analyst, practicing to be the Economists and Economists with  their proposed solutions