Program Structure - Courses list 

■ Accounting for Decision Making
 Introductory Microeconomics
 Introductory Macroeconomics
 Tools of Economic analysis
 Quantitative Economic & Business Analysis A
 Microeconomic Theory
 Macroeconomic Theory
 Microeconomic Policy
 Macroeconomic Policy
 Introductory Econometrics
■ The Economics of Social Issues
■ Quantitative Economic & Business Analysis
■ Mathematical Economics
■ Behavioural and Evolutionary Economics
■ Introduction to Strategic Thinking
■ Political Economy & Comparative Systems
■ Philosophy of Economic Thought
■ Management of Financial Institutions
 Business & Economic Decision Techniques
 Economics of Business Strategy
 Health Economics
 Economics of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
 Economics of Globalisation & Development
 Labour Economics
 Agricultural and Resource Policy
 Advanced Microeconomics
 Advance Macroeconomics
 Experimental Economics
 Monetary Economics
 Financial Markets & Institutions
 Benefit-Cost Analysis for Business
 Statistical Theory for Economists
 Econometric Theory
 Productivity and Efficiency Analysis
 Applied Econometrics for Macroeconomics & Finance
 Applied Econometrics for Microeconomics
 Industrial Economics
 Managerial Economics
 Competition Policy and Regulation
 Public Finance
 International Trade Theory & Policy
 Economics of International Finance
 Evolution of Economic Systems
 Enivronmental Economics
 Economics of Natural Resources
 Human Resource Economics
 Special Unit – Project Based Learning
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